The Church of the Magdalene offers two parish-based programs for the catechesis of Catholic children:

Traditional academic classroom-based religious education program (RE), for children in grades 2 – 8. Children who are in grade 1 attend Level I of the CGS program.

Both programs offer sacramental preparation and follow Archdiocesan guidelines. While the programs differ in method and approach, their focus is the same: to provide a loving, caring, disciplined environment that nurtures the fruitful development of the young Christian personality. Children who enroll in either program are expected to complete the full course of study. It is not permitted to enroll only in the year a sacrament is to be received.

Parents are welcome to contact the Director with questions or to discuss which program would be better suited to their child.

Parents of preschool aged children are encouraged to explore CGS at the annual open house held in May or by meeting the coordinator of the CGS program. Since each program has its own curriculum and thematic development, switching between the programs after grade 1/age 6 is discouraged, but permitted under certain circumstances.

For information please call Dorothy Meehan, Director of Religious Education, at 914-631-0529 or email at

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS),
a Montessori-based program, for children ages 3 – 12.

The Church of the Magdalene began offering Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) in 2003 for children 3 to 6 years old. The program has grown since then, and today ten certified catechists are working with about 60 children in three age levels: Level I (age 3 to 6), Level II (6 to 9), and Level III (age 9 to 12).

Each level meets in its own specially prepared room, called the atrium, where the children hear and study scripture, prepare for the sacraments, and plan a weekly prayer service. This hands-on approach allows each child to discover and engage in the Catholic faith in a way that is age-appropriate and oriented toward spiritual growth.

For a fuller picture of the CGS approach to faith formation, please visit

For more information on CGS at the Magdalene, please contact the DRE or CGS Coordinator.

For more information on CGS at the Magdalene, please call Dorothy Meehan, Director of Religious Education at 914-631-0529 or email at