Weekly Intentions: Saturday, Jan. 28 - Sunday, Feb. 5

DayTimeIntentionRequested By
Saturday5:00PMJosephine ReynoldsThe Tedesco Family
Henry Haase, 2nd AnniversaryDorothy Haase
Sunday9:00AMMoffett & Currid FamiliesThe late Joan Curry
11:00AMPaul A. WallaceValerie Wallace
Monday8:00AMCelia Pierro MeloniFr. Tim
Tuesday8:00AMIntentions of Philip De CandidoJohn Schretzman
7:00PMPope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Wednesday8:00AMPatty GallagherGail Saldis
Thursday8:00AMFor the Parishioners
Friday8:00AMMatthew Joseph PiankaThe Caramanica Family
Saturday5:00PMCharles and Bridget HorvathDorothy Haase
Laszlo GavallerHis Family
Sunday9:00AMMargaret and Francis DwyerThe Morrow Family
11:00AMJoseph RadelichThe Radelich Family

Last Week's Collection

Christmas (final)$32,300
AttendanceAdults 267 | Children 56

The Pastor's Column

Dear Parishioners:

Today we celebrate the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. As the crowds doubted who Jesus was because of his simple origins, so will others doubt who we are unless we courageously live the gospel. Most of us aren’t called to “professionally” preach the Good News. All of us, because of our baptism, are committed to living it.

Commitment to living the gospel takes on many different spiritual practices, including the Beatitudes. Our commitment comes from the short reminders about the characteristics that one will find in a follower of Christ, characteristics that will help spread the Good News in this life and lead to eternal blessings in the next. Jesus shows us the way to be in the world without being of it. The blessings come when we model our lives on the life of Jesus.

Moses went up a mountain and received the Law. Now Jesus teaches on a mountain. When Moses went up the mountain, no one was allowed to go with him; but Christ went up the mountain and invited everyone to join him. In three weeks, Christians will be invited to ascend the mountain of the Lord as we begin the Holy Season of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

These past two weeks I have been busy meeting a variety of deadlines, mostly in preparation for Holy Week. Before our lovely poinsettia plants disappeared, multiple deadlines ensued: the Pastor’s 2023 Cardinal’s Appeal Stewardship Letter, the 2022 Contribution Statement, ordering ashes, palms, and the Paschal candle, the submission of the Easter Schedule, including the Easter Greeting to the DP Murphy Co.

Yes, we are in Ordinary Time. During this Time, we read about extraordinary events occurring in our gospel readings and many events here at The Magdalene, including our newly formed Bible Study group, “Walking With Purpose”. What a blessing to have approximately 20 women joined.

Fr. Tim


Bishop Steven Lopes, chair of the Bishops’ Committee on Liturgy for the USCCB, explained that there should be a special Mass in every Parish in Memory of Pope Benedict XVI. Our Church prayerfully remembers the life of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who was elected the 264th successor of St. Peter. He chose the name Benedict XVI on April 18, 2005. His papacy testifies to both a scholarly churchman, having extensively studied theology and philosophy, and pastoral sensitivity. We pray for the repose of his soul. Together we mourn his passing and we thank God for his leadership, ministry and the oversight that once exercises in service to the unity of the Church. Rest in Peace ! We will celebrate a Month’s Mind Mass on T uesday, January 31 at 7:00 p.m. All are encouraged to attend.


An excellent way to remember a special loved one is to memorialize our Easter candle. The Paschal Candle is lit during every Sunday Mass from the Easter Vigil Mass through Ascension Thursday. It also burns brightly at every Baptism and at every Funeral Mass. If you have an interest in sponsoring our Paschal Candle for 2023-2024, see Fr. Tim or contact the rectory. First come, first served. $200 is the required offering.


Forty days after Jesus’ birth, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Pope Sergius inaugurated candlelight processions in churches and in the streets. At the end of the same century the blessing and distribution of candles, which continues to this day, became part of the celebration, giving the feast its popular name: Candlemass.

Luke recognized Jesus as the Messiah in the Temple and declared him, “a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and glory of your people Israel” (LK 2, 32). Christ himself says, “I am the light of the world,” And we are the light, we ourselves, if we receive it from him…


The traditional individual blessing of the throats will be given on Friday, February 3rd, the Feast of St. Blaise. Through the intercession of St. Blaise, bishop and martyr, the blessing asks God to cure us of diseases of the throat and every other illness. The blessing is a sign of our faith in God’s love for us and for all those who are sick.

We will follow the ancient custom of blessing throats during the Friday morning mass at 8:00 a.m.


I f you are new to our parish or you have lived in the neighborhood and attended Mass but just never registered, we invite you to become an official member of the parish of The Magdalene. It is important to be a registered parishioners since more and more parishes require it for certain sacramental occasions such as:


Baptism of a child, or to be a

Godparent or Sponsor

If it’s time to register, please call 914-631-0529 and set up a date to get it done. Sponsor’s letters can only be issued if you are registered at least 3 months prior to your request and your financial support to The Magdalene. Proof to baptism, communion and confirmation must be presented.

The Word of God

Reading I: Zephaniah 2: 3, 3: 12-13 The prophet speaks of a moral recovery involving the “purging of the arrogant.” Evil is associated in the prophet’s mind with wealth and arrogance.

Reading II: I Corinthians 1: 26-31 The community must not adhere to worldly standards. God did not choose those whom the world might have chosen to carry out His plan.

The Gospel: Matthew 5: 1-2a A beatitude is “an exclamation of congratulations that recognizes an existing state of happiness.” Jesus claims the poor, the mourners, and the hungry as His mission to Israel. The rewards will be realized in the kingdom of God.

The Bread and Wine is in honor of
Philip DeCandido
John Schretzman

A little humor:

A preacher addressed his congregation one Sunday by saying, "Anyone with a special request who wants to be prayed over, please come forward to the altar." With that, one congregant stepped out of the pew and walked to the front of the church where the Preacher asked him, "What is it that you want me to pray for?" The congregant replied, "Reverend, I need you to pray for help with my hearing." The Preacher put one of his fingers in the supplicant's ear and placed his other hand on top of his head. The Preacher then prayed and prayed with great enthusiasm before the entire congregation! After a few minutes, the preacher removed his hands, stood back and asked, "Now my son, how is your hearing?" To which the parishioner replied, "I don't know. It’s not 'til next week.”


DP Murphy Company is our offertory company that sends contribution envelopes to you with an assigned envelope number; they also send the annual contribution statement.


The 2022 Contribution statements were generated and mailed to those who have contributed $250 or more by law. This is your tax receipt. Your statement includes your envelope contributions for the support of The Magdalene during the period from January to December 2022. We will record contributions coming from your financial institution if you have an envelope number. We do not record WeShare contributions; they can generate a report of your contributions upon request.

Contributions given for Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day or All Souls Novenas and Masses are not recorded because these donations are not given to the Church (even though you make your checks payable to The Magdalene); they are given to the priests. Likewise, checks made payable to The Madelene for raffles, fundraising, and Religious Education are not recorded.

Beginning in 2023, contributions dropped into the collection basket without an envelope will not be included in any parish statement unless YOU record your parish number on the memo line of your check or write it on the correspondence that you include with your contribution. If you are registered here with a parish number, we will do our very best to record your contributions. Beginning in 2023, a single contribution of $250 or more, at any given time, will generate a tax receipt by law. They will be posted on your contributions statement and you will also receive an individual tax receipt.


As good stewards, we are continuing to improve the process for mailing envelopes to you. We have noticed that some members continue to receive envelopes but don't use them. In an effort to reduce church expenses and update our records, we need your help by responding to the postcard mailed to your home. Why? Here are some facts:


Altar Servers, Michele Herko herkofamily@gmail.com
Buildings & Grounds, Mike Bassett 914-774-5533
Cantor, Nancy Meyer journeytrax@gmail.com
Cardinal Appeals, (vacant)
Choirs (Adults & Children), John Dominick III jdsingslow@icloud.com
Eucharistic Ministers, Philip Zegarelli 914-631-8952
Family Picnic, Stepanie Fuller
Homebound Visitation, Fr. Tim 914-631-0529
Hospital Ministry (Phelps), Barbara Zegarelli
Hospitality (vacant)
Lectors, Marita McMahon, 914-347-3934
Liturgy, Carol Mackey
Sacristan, Thomas Matthew
Saint Matthew’s Guild, Michele Iaconis & Marianne
Scott, 914-631-0529
Social Ministry (vacant)
Ushers, John Petry
Walking with Purpose, Anne Kenny
Webmaster, Kate Koenig